Be ready to grow as a professional and as an individual with Pinnacle Seven

We value your potential and believe in your dreams. Innovation, Creativity, Vision, Growth, Goal and Success form an integral part of the Pinnacle Seven culture. We stay rooted to values like Hard Work, Passion and Determination. Encouraging environment along with approachable leaders and a set of admirable colleagues are all working towards one goal to help recognizing their core strength for their exponential growth.

Why you will love working at Pinnacle Seven

Pinnacle Seven believes in a holistic employee experience by getting meaningful work done. We provide the empowerment to make a difference that changes people’s lives. The leadership at Pinnacle Seven trusts our employees to get the job done. And our employees, in turn, have a high level of trust in decisions that are being made to keep Pinnacle Seven stable and successful. We provide direct access to all the answers you need as we sincerely believe great ideas can come from anywhere. Pinnacle Seven aims to provide an environment that fosters innovation, develops potential and triggers growth.

Games that lets you learn, network and grow

A strong team is a sign of sure success. We believe in boosting the energy levels of our teams and get them more bonded through our fun-filled activities like the Treasure Hunt, Role Play games etc., over the weekends. We also conduct career development sessions through fun games like Visual recognition, Advertisement making, Debates on technical topics, General Discussion on Current affairs and Latest technologies.

Interactive presentations

Every employee is encouraged to present on technical as well as general topics. This interactive session makes our employees more confident, open to discussion and sling the stage fear off the back door.