Sales Dashboard – Everything in a distinct view

Record your business inquiries in just a few clicks, follow-up and convert them into Opportunities. You won’t lose even a single opportunity fails on your way using our CRM application. You can also raise a Quotation and Sale Order in no time with predefined reports. On the whole, our CRM application will make your sales process easy & productive.

Know Your Pipeline

Find out how many Leads and Opportunities are there in the pipeline with the success rates of each.

Do you have an approval process?

Review & do mass approvals like never before. View how many approvals are pending and view the history to know who has approved which sale.

Wondering how to identify your current business status?

Expected revenue analysis at crucial stages of your pipelines. You can quickly look at the statistics of your company’s performance on the go with comparative data of the last 3 months.

Have a multi-currency business? No worries...

Our dashboard will convert your multi-currency sales figures into your company currency and present you with the real time data.

Leads Management - an effective tool to boost Sales

Record your enquiries, track them to follow-up and make every single sale in a simple but effective process. You will never miss even an opportunity of the sale using our Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Highlighted features

  • Setup next action plans and reminders for the follow-up.
  • Notify the members involved automatically at vital stages.
  • Schedule meetings and send invites to your customers.
  • Existing customer integration allows you to create inquiries of the existing customer quickly.
  • Website integration allows you to generate leads through your website inquiry forms automatically into leads management.
  • Record details of your business inquiry.
  • Using VOIP integration, schedule phone calls and notify customers.
  • Manage your tasks in the To-Do with reminders. You can even assign tasks to your team members and get notified when it is done
  • Need assistance of other members into your leads management, we have project assistance for leads. It will let you add other members into your projects and they can log their hours for the projects they are mapped in addition.
  • Time sheet integration with leads – your sales team can now log their hours spent in following up with each prospect in the time sheet.

Contacts Management

Access all the details of your customers / suppliers instantly

Highlighted features

  • Manage multiple contacts of a customer/ supplier.
  • Store multiple addresses of a customer/supplier.
  • Informative Kanban in contacts management highlights the figures which every business needs at any point in time.
  • Total number of opportunities created for the customer.
  • The total number of meetings scheduled with the customer.
  • The total number of calls organized with the customer.
  • Total sales, its value is given by each customer and its respective journal items.

Do you have your business campaigns running in social media?

  • Then try our social media integration. This will allow you to store your customer’s social media information and utilise them while campaigns are released.
  • You can also have our email campaigns through mass mailing to your customers.
  • Our google maps integration will let you identify your customer’s location by deducting the address.

Pipeline Management

Do you have different parameters for managing approval process of your pipeline? Try our customized solutions established in top MNC’s

Highlighted features of pipeline management

  • Update your opportunities on the fly by drag and drop.
  • Evaluate how many days the opportunity is on the current stage and how many days it has spent to travel from one state to the other using our project conception module.
  • Setup next action plans & reminders to follow-up.
  • Funnel chart is a quick representation of your business pipeline. It will allow you to focus on projects that need attention.

Send emails to your customers directly through the pipeline with all the details pre-fetched. Say bye to your mailbox where you need to manually enter all the details. In a click, draft the email with pre-fetched data on the template to send. As a manager, get notified automatically at the crucial stage movements of your team’s pipeline. Better UI to feel the experience of winning the opportunity.

Reports of CRM & Sales

Running out of time to present the statistics of your company? Click and download all you need in seconds for your presentation.

  • Accurate analysis of your CRM & Sales process.
  • Acquire comprehensive insights to take critical business decisions.
  • Custom made analysis to serve each member’s unique requirement with reports.
  • In a click, download tables with graphs.
  • Navigate from graphs to the records for reviews.
  • If you still can’t find what you need, we have advanced search which can pull out any information from the application.

Mobile Apps for CRM & Sales

Are you travelling? No time to access your laptop to update your Sales/Projects?

  • Yes, our smart mobile apps are well integrated with the web application.
  • Spontaneous updates between web and mobile applications will give you instant results.
  • Manage your CRM, sales and time sheets through mobile apps.
  • Through list view, add up the quick comments into your leads/opportunities.
  • All new releases will be notified within the app and you can update as per your preference.
  • Reporting is also available in Mobile Apps, so review of sales has become easier.