Implementation Approach

Determining the appropriate implementation strategy that fits your business is extremely crucial. A phased approach to implementation is an important element of a successful implementation strategy because it is based on the principle that any project can be broken down into a series of steps called phases. Each phase has a clear start point, some well-defined tasks and a definite end point.

Agile Methodology

The word Agile means ‘ability to move quickly and easily’. This is a key aspect of the Agile software development. Agile Methodology is a process that promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development life cycle of the project. Both the development and testing activities are simultaneous. This method gives high priority to customer participation from the very beginning of the development cycle. The objective is to keep the client involved at every step so that they are completely satisfied with the end product.

The process breaks down each project into prioritised requirements and delivers each individually within an iterative cycle. In an iteration, small sections of a project are developed at a time. Each iteration is analysed and evaluated by the development team and client. The client comes to pre scheduled regular meetings to review the work completed and plan work for the upcoming iteration. Specific goals are set in each iteration meeting such as; expected changes, time estimates, priorities and budgets.

In this method, clients can make small objective changes without extensive amendments to the budget or schedule. Businesses use this model of project management to ensure that throughout the process customers save time, money and have the flexibility to make changes anytime during the development process.