Manufacturing Management

The increasing demand of products from an exponential population requires the manufacturers to work smart on all aspects like procurement, inspection, storing, planning, preventive and corrective measures, production, quality assurance and packing. The best solution to make it active is automating and setting transparency on each and every elementary process. To automate the process you require a sound system. A manufacturing company also requires a sales, purchase, inventory, accounting and human resource department to run seamlessly. The best way to operate all departments is to integrate and that too with one system to add value on software investment.

Automated Business Process

Make to Order (or) Make to Stock: (MTO/MTS)

Procurement methods like Make to Order or Make to Stock can be chosen by the manufacturers according to the consumer’s demand.

For Make to Stock, Reordering rules are used for stock alerts and to fill up the automated stock in the warehouse once the stock goes down, with desired conditions.

Manage Bill of Materials

A bill of materials is the list of the raw materials, assemblies, components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. Easy to set up multi-level hierarchy of materials as parent - child (Indented BoM)

Work Centre Capacity

Various Work Centre scan be configured in accordance to the respective operations. The capacity (efficiency factor, time before and after production) and costing can be managed well.

Routing various operations

Make new routings to wire up with work order. Operations can be sequenced to automate the production.

Organise Work Orders

Work instruction can be attached to get better visibility on operations to be handled. Tracks all available resources and production activities. Easy to capture the duration of downtime and up time. Launches production of items needed in the final assembly of the products.


Automate overall efficiency recording, track the work orders and submit manufacturing order reports on the go. Visualize the desired data metrics as Pie/Bar/Line chart.

Quality Assurance

Corrective and preventive measures can be easily configured. Automatically triggers quality check.

Manufacturing orders (MO)

The whole process of producing the final product from the raw material can be monitored and the final product is stocked to be sold.