Point Of Sale

Pinnacle Seven POS makes your selling process easier with its easy implementation, out-of-box advantage, reasonable cost, customer loyalty, email/sms integration, multiple order at a time, multiple payments and multiple platforms. Our POS can be used both online and offline that is compatible with any hardware(iPads, tablets or laptops)and it stays reliable. As it is integrated with Inventory and Accounting, any transaction that you make will be automatically registered to Inventory and Accounting. It will show you the stocks and values related to the transaction and the reports and analysis for decision making.

Keep in touch with your customers

  • Register your customer details for easy billing.
  • Enter any detail to view the other related information of the customer.
  • Easy search options.

Reward your Customers

  • Loyalty points - Reward your customer with offers and discounts for a particular period of time to increase the customer loyalty.
  • Keep track of your customers buying for better identification.Send them special offers and notices.
  • Identifying your customers is faster with loyalty cards and customer barcodes.

Online and Offline

  • Stays reliable even if your connection is not.
  • Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale anywhere, anytime.
  • While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after complete disconnection

Managing Orders

  • Concentrate on orders simultaneously by queuing it.
  • Assign orders based on settings like tables,send prints to kitchen with specific notes or messages.
  • Manage multiple sessions.
  • Serve multiple customers.
  • Multiple ways of product selection (scanner, touchscreen…)
    • Products- Product name, Image, Unit price, Market price, Basic price, Premium price and Stock updates visibility on the screen.
    • Stocks and Price - POS integrated with the warehouse to see the real time availability of stock on the screen.
    • Stock availabilities based on warehouses.Different prices for the same products.
  • Add price list based on products and specific discounts to individual products.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanner can be integrated to the application to gather the product details by scanning the barcode.

Payments System

  • Supports multiple currencies. Payments by cash, cheques and electronic cards with online and offline payments.
  • Option to pay later.
  • Cash Details -It helps the user enter the value of the given amount by the customer and it will display the balance amount that has to be given back to the customer.
  • Set invoice templates to print invoices.
  • Validate your transactions through journal entries.

Closing Session

  • Close the session at end of the day.
  • One page summary of the transactions occurred in a day.

Receive Email and SMS notifications

  • Email notifications to customers on the confirmed orders.
  • Instant sms notifications to the customer on the confirmation of orders.