Accomplish your project productively using our Project Management. It’s quite significant for every business to ensure that each project is on track as per the derived timeline. But the truth is, it’s very hard to track all of them when there are multiple projects at hand and it’s not the way a successful business works. So let’s see how our tools can help you achieve your business goals.

Project Dashboard – Panoramic view of all your Projects

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your business?

Using our Project Management tool will help you track every single move. The dashboard lets you identify and understand the key factors of your project at a glimpse.

Highlighted features:

  • Manage your projects with multiple phases.
  • If you have task based work orders, generate tasks automatically on confirming your sales.
  • Capture the timesheet of each task and view the progress instantly with the progress bar.
  • We have an extremely user friendly Support Management system. You can even log in your hours for the support activity carried out.
  • To get feed backs from your customers for their resolved project issues, we have an automated feedback system.
  • Define your own custom stages per project.
  • Enable/disable Sub -Tasks for the tasks of the project as and when you require.
  • With different set of stages, you can manage each and every phase individually.
  • Just drag and drop to move stages of each task easily using Kanban.
  • Setup the start and end dates of each task along with the initially planned hours for further analysis.
  • Multiple views like kanban, form, list, calendar, pivot & graph views are available.

Resource Allocation – The basic need of every business Are you wondering how to identify or allocate your resources effectively?

Proper resource planning is a major challenge in many of the companies. In fact, it’s the most important step which decides the success of your project. In our Resource Planning module you get the complete information of all your resources, the upcoming plans and their current assignments with the duration.

Highlighted features:

  • View all the available resources based on their departments.
  • Each resource allocation is defined by the assigned task in Project Management.
  • All the unallocated dates will be visible to plan your upcoming projects.
  • When hovered, the task’s start and end dates will be displayed.
  • You can download the report in an excel format.


  • Analyse your projects in detail with our reporting system.
  • Drill down as many details as per your requirement.
  • Analyse tasks based on the stages, projects, responsible, duration, etc.
  • Using advanced search, you can figure out almost everything you need.
  • Heat map allows you to identify the highest figure from your analysis.
  • Download the analysis along with graphs.
  • Add analysis views to the Reporting dashboard for a quick reference