Warehouse Automation Solution


We, Pinnacle Seven Technologies, a business solution provider largely aimed at providing in-built workflow systems that are highly independent, simplified, reliable and costeffective. It drives every business compliance into a streamlined process in order to achieve their goals effectively. We collaborate the business and technology to build a software application model, which would assist our clients in improving their performance and efficiency. We are obliged to deliver the best in market solution, to our clients which encompasses the entire process of manufacturing and distribution.

In a constantly changing environment, our development processes are based on Agile, to meet our client expectations without any delay. Our advanced approach towards the implementation process provides a greater advantage to our clients thanks to the emerging trends of technology.

A strategic combination of research and innovation reflects the excellence of Pinnacle Seven. Also, we provide extended support to our loyal clients, by providing application assistance to the users.


We offer a comprehensive list of featured business applications and related services to streamline and manage the business processes effectively.

We understand the requirements of the business and offer application solutions that help to develop business and attain a remarkable place in the world market place. With our customized solutions and continuous support, we ensure that all the requirements are met at the highest levels.

Pinnacle Seven aids you to adapt to the changing business environment by accelerating IT-Systems into a business process.

What we do?

  • Consulting
  • Application Design and Development
  • Implementation Services
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Application Maintenance
  • Support Services



Our Client is a young France based company that started its operation in Dec 2016 and its principal business activities are the import-export, wholesale and retail of footwear. They are the leading sellers in most of the e-commerce websites across the country. They are also a leading wholesale B2B trader and exporter in France.


  • As a fast-growing company, they need an advanced system because they found it to be more difficult to manage their inventory as they were having a nonintegrated software system where they have to manually input data into multiple systems which led to data inaccuracy.
  • Also, manual reporting stole most of their productive times.
  • They find difficult to pick, transfer and deliver products as they did not have the proper alignment in storing goods.
  • They did not have a proper track for product moves and their respected carton details which delayed their order deliveries.



  • After analyzing and understanding their complete process flow we came up with a solution that solved many of the problems they faced.
  • Our Odoo Inventory solution streamlined the transfer of information from the Sales team to the Warehouse team which eliminated the data mismatch issues.
  • Now they have a proper track of the information flow as well as hassle-free real-time reports on internal moves, product availabilities, and locations in few clicks.
  • With the Bar code integration products stored in cartons can be tracked and validated at the time of receiving, storing and deliveries.
  • Warehouse manager can have the reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis of on-hand and delivered stocks
  • Our FIFO and Bar code integrations along with our Customized Mobile Application helped them to improve traceability, reduce product leftovers & wastage and timely deliveries.


  • Using Pinnacle Seven’s Warehouse Management System, Our client increased its warehouse efficiency and maximized its sales by improving customer satisfaction in terms of timely delivery and product quality.
  • They maximized their revenue by bringing the lead time down.
  • Reporting was made easy for them by having the history of all operations attached to every document (picking, delivery order, quality control, receptions, internal moves, etc.)
  • They are very happy with the new, user-friendly interface and our support & assistance.
  • They are now planning for the complete automation by integrating Sales, Purchase, CRM, and Accounting modules.